About us

Our clean energy company, AIM GREEN TECH DOO, aims to provide sustainable and renewable energy solutions to the Republic of North Macedonia and a variety of end users. The energy will be produced in the form of electricity, heating and cooling.

By utilising a combination of Gas Engines and Photovoltaics we are able to provide a balanced and secured source of electrical power. Our technologies are reducing dependence on polluting coal and oil fired equipment, decrease carbon emissions and generate cleaner air in general. Furthermore we foresee an investment in an emergency power plant, able to overcome moments of urgent power needs.

AIM GREEN TECH is a startup company, backed by experienced Belgian entrepreneurs and capital, that specialise in the investment, installation, maintenance, and operational management of clean energy systems. We will provide a range of services, including on-site evaluations, project design, equipment procurement, installation and operation. Additionally, we will offer ongoing maintenance and monitoring services to ensure maximum efficiency and performance of the systems we invest in.

Our operations will be based all across North Macedonia. We plan to operate in Negotino, Mogila, Gevgelijia, Kichevo, Ilidnen and Petrovec, where we have purchased over 285.000 m2 of Land Bank. Each site has been analysed to accommodate the ideal mix of power generation equipment. The proximity of Gas and Grid connections are of high importance. At every planned location we foresee a warehouse, a security gate house and the appropriate gas/power/heat/cooling connections. We will also have a team of highly trained mechanical engineers and fleet of vehicles and equipment to handle the installation and maintenance of our clean energy systems.

AIM Green Tech works with a renowned industry leaders that have extensive experience in the design and implementation of gas engine powered solutions for co-generation. The engines are planned to come from Austria and/or France.